Learn the bible online, without cost and without hassle.

Seminary.School Online offers free Bible study courses that progress in depth and content to give you a comprehensive understanding of the Bible and God’s Word — all online.

Choose Your Own Pace and Path

Choose Your Own Pace and Path

Explore the Bible with guided videos and assignments.

Learn from Qualified Instructors

Learn from Qualified Instructors

Learn from experienced Bible instructors & missionaries.

Gain a Certificate Upon Completion

Gain a Certificate Upon Completion

Each class issues a certificate of completion.

You want to study the Bible... but where do you start? Where can you go?

With our busy lives, it’s easy to put God’s Word on the back-burner and not have time to study the Bible. Even when we do pick up the Holy Book, we find ourselves lost and wasting time, not sure of where to start or how to understand it. 

We scroll through countless videos on “How to Study the Bible” and download reading plans, but doing it on our own is HARD. We’ve been there. 

That’s why Seminary.School Online is here to provide guided, step-by-step courses on the Bible, that will take you from novice to Bible expert!

The best part is that you can learn online, at your own pace, and receive guidance from study advisors who are there to answer questions and discuss with you. 

A New, Convenient Way to Learn the Bible


Whether you're a busy professional, a stay-at-home parent, or a student with a packed schedule, online study allows you to tailor your learning experience to fit your lifestyle.


Regardless of where you live, as long as you have an internet connection, you can participate in enriching study sessions and connect with a diverse community of believers.

Seminary.School Online is the answer to your prayers!

Experience the transformative power of Scripture

Discover new insights and perspectives on the Bible through our dynamic online study platform.

Experience the joy of discovery and fellowship

Join a vibrant online community dedicated to exploring the Scriptures together.

Become Equipped to Testify and Minister

Our bible courses are perfect for those who want to become equipped to serve the kingdom of God.

Learn from Missionaries and Bible Instructors

Get guided instruction through the Bible's wisdom from experienced missionaries of all backgrounds.

Grow closer to God and the Bible, all from home!

See why students love learning the Bible through Seminary.School! 

    Daniel M.

    The flexibility to connect from anywhere and the depth of discussions have truly deepened my understanding and appreciation of the Scriptures.

      Nina D.

      It's more than just a study; I've grown so much in my faith and knowledge of God's word, all thanks to this incredible online platform.

        Mia L.

        I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of an online Bible study, but this experience has completely changed my perspective!

          Scott S.

          I've been able to explore the Bible in ways I never thought possible, gaining new insights and applying them to my daily life. This online community has become a cornerstone of my spiritual routine.

          It’s amazing to see how technology can bring God’s word to life in this way! 

          Matthew M.

          What Will You Learn?

          1. An Introduction to the Bible

          Why should we study the Bible? What is the relationship between the Bible, God, and myself? What is the proper approach to studying the Word of God?

          2. Foundational Concepts

          What are the foundational concepts to understanding in interpreting the Bible? This course goes over the structure, functionality, and the main themes of the BIble.

          3. Topical Studies

          After the introductory and foundational series, students who've passed the prerequisite course have access to topical studies, based on the teachings of Christ and the Gospels.

          How Does the Class Work?

          Engaging Video Lectures

          Dive into the depths of Scripture with our dynamic online lectures, designed to bring the Bible to life! Each session is crafted to captivate your interest and deepen your understanding of God's Word.

          Insightful Reflection Assignments

          Whether it's journaling your insights, exploring practical applications, or engaging in creative projects, these assignments will challenge you to dive deeper into your faith and cultivate a closer relationship with God. Get ready to discover new dimensions of the Bible and yourself!

          Concept Mastery & Accountability

          Solidify your understanding and retain what you've learned with our interactive accountability quizzes! Crafted to reinforce key concepts and scriptures from the lectures and assignments, these quizzes offer a fun and engaging way to test your knowledge.

          Join our Summer Semester Cohort before enrollment ends!

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          Bible Study Resources

          Curious about the Bible? Wondering how to get started reading on your own? 
          Enjoy our free Bible study resources here and keep updated with our latest news! 

          Embrace a Deeper Relationship with God

          Experience the convenience of online Bible study, tailored to fit your schedule.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          You’ll need a stable internet connection, a computer or mobile device, and access to our online platform via your standard internet browser. If you can browse websites online and watch videos, you are good to go! 

          Due to the generous support of individuals and churches who believe in our cause, our classes are currently free of cost. If you’d like to donate to our cause and platform, please contact us.

          Our classes begin with a lecture where you can watch, pause, resume, and take notes on your own time. Afterwards, there are guided reflection questions and a short quiz to help check our understanding of the material. As you progress with your studies, you will be assigned to a study advisor, who will discuss with you about the class material and help answer questions.

          Our unique online platform allows you to be flexible in when and where you study the Bible through our lessons. Ideally, setting yourself on a consistent schedule per week leads to the best experience for most students.

          No, our online Bible study classes cater to a range of knowledge levels, from beginners to those more familiar with the scriptures. Classes usually specify the intended audience or prerequisite knowledge, if any.

          Our instructors often come from specific doctrinal backgrounds, so our classes focus on scriptural understanding where each lesson and point are examined through the eyes of the Bible. 

          As you progress with your studies, you will be assigned to a study advisor, who will discuss with you about the class material and help answer questions. You will also have optional access to a community online, where shared discussions on lesson content can be held.

          Our program offer resources such as access to additional reading materials, Q&A sessions with instructors, or a contact person for technical and administrative assistance.

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