Faculty & Lesson Contributors

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The Dedicated Team Behind Seminary.School

With hearts filled with thankfulness and in the spirit of Christian fellowship, we extend our deepest appreciation to the blessed faculty, devoted contributors, and steadfast supporters who have been divinely guided to bring our Bible study project to light. 

This page is a humble offering of thanks to those who have generously shared their wisdom, time, and spirit to not only enrich our study materials with their contributions and godly insights but also to volunteer their talents in creating engaging and enlightening video content. Their precious feedback and editorial guidance have been a beacon of light, greatly enhancing the depth and quality of our spiritual journey together. 

Furthermore, we are eternally grateful to the pioneers among us who first validated these materials, ensuring they truly reflect the Word and serve the spiritual nourishment of our community. Their unwavering dedication and commitment have been a testament to God’s work among us, enabling us to share these spiritual treasures with all who seek His truth and guidance.

  • Elijah S.

    Professor of Biblical Studies | Texas

  • Miriam C.

    Associate Professor of Early Christian History | Tennessee

  • Isaiah T.

    Scholar of Theological Ethics | California

  • Samuel C.

    Lecturer in Ecclesiology | California

  • Jacob T.

    Director, Pastor | Texas

  • Lydia M.

    Womens' Ministry Leader | Arizona

  • Ethan B.

    Pastor, Christian Author | Idaho

  • Zachary M.

    Senior Worship Pastor | California

Generous Donors

Blake P.
Carson M.
Dylan R.
Evelyn H.
Finn G.
Georgia N.
Harper B.
Ivan F.
Julia V.
Kai Z.
Liam W.
Mia S.
Avery L.

John O.
Yasmin O.
Zoe P.
Aaron L.
Brianna M.
Caleb N.
Danielle Q.
Ethan R.
Fiona S.
Gavin T.
Haley U.
Ian V.
Jenna W.

Noah J.
Olivia A.
Peyton Q.
Quinn T.
Riley U.
Sophia C.
Tyler D.
Ulysses E.
Vera K.
Wyatt X.
Lila & James Y.

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